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New build won't boot up, HELP!

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I'm really stuck here, Heres what happened:

At first, it appeared as if my computer was fully functioning(fans where working, HDD booted, optical drive opened and closed), but when I connected it to a monitor(I tried three different ones) nothing came up. I then decided to strip the system and put everything back. I then booted up the system again, and it was working for a couple of seconds and then everything turned off. Now when I boot up my computer nothing happens.


Intel core i7 950
Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R
Corsair Vengeance 6GB DDR3 1600 MHz 1.50v 8-8-8-24
CPU cooler-stock
1GB Sapphire HD 6870 Toxic, 4600MHz GDDR5, GPU 970MHz, 1120 Stream Processors
850W Corsair TX850 V2
samsung F3 spinpoint 1TB
Cooler master HAF 922
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Double check that the standoffs are properly installed for each motherboard mounting hole.

You may want to do a bench test:
Those of us who are techs always bench test first. Therefore, I suggest you follow the good advice of Markgg88. Just make sure you have a hole for every post (motherboard post) and a post for every hole in that motherboard, no more, no less.
the first thing you should do is clear CMOS (see the mobo manual), if that doesn't resolve the hang, then move on to the bench test.
Yes I have cleared the cmos, nothing changed :(

I'll try a bench test in a few hours, I'll let you know how it goes :D
okay I have just bench tested my system and I have gotten the same thing, I have got only the processor, gfx card and one stick of ram, all I see is two LED's on my motherboard, one green and one orange.
Those LED's are part of Gigabyte's built in diagnostics. See your manual section 1-8
sounds like a bum motherboard

have you tried some of the other sticks of ram in single stick use?
during the bench test / I "assume" you are not trying to connect any wires to the F-Panel connector (power switch/hard drive led / case reset switch etc etc etc) and you should be shorting the pins for PWR for a brief second or two with a small screw driver?

did you install the 8 pin cpu power plug ? some boards you must remove the black plastic cap that covers 4 of the holes on the cpu power plug at the motherboard

if you can please give us up close pics of your bench test layout including a shot of the video card power connected to the card / cpu power plug connection / 24 pin main power connection
woah this is so weird, my system boots fine again, like before, and I get the beep indicating a fine boot, but i get no signal to the monitor, could this be a defective graphic card??
woah this is so weird, my system boots fine again, like before, and I get the beep indicating a fine boot, but i get no signal to the monitor, could this be a defective graphic card??

certainly if the card has a power plug active from the PSU ???
Yes, I have connected two PCI-E cables to my graphics card and nothing shows up on the screen, it seems I'm back to square one :(, should I return it?? Is there still a possibility that it could be another component??
if the system sounds like its booting and you can hear the hard drive spinnign up then I think its fairly accurate to say "bad" video card; why not take the card to the place where you bought it and have them test it; or roll the dice and send it back

right now you have the mobo setting on the motherboard box performing a bench test; correct?

your mobo is not back into the CASE right ?
Once the system booted up outside, I put it back in(without connecting it to the case fans) and got the same result so i'm fairly certain it's nothing in the case :D, i can take it out again though no problem there. Also if I return it, will they perform tests on it or just replace it?? I bought it from
try it outside the case one more time before you return the board / it the board will boot & post to the bios outside the case then we can explore what the problem is
are you sure the graphis card is plug and play, some cards and boards will not work together unless the card is installed later and the drivers are on the HDD
OK i've just taken the mobo out and still I get the same result, I get one beep signifying a successful boot, but no signal to screen :(
So you think that this could be a faulty mobo? I was thinking it was maybe the graphics card
@space1 how would I manage to do that without the graphics card, the motherboard doesn't have on board graphics so there is no interface to hook it up to the monitor.
Sounds like the GPU to me as well. Can you try it in another system? Or try another GPU in your system?
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