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New Build Problem.

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well, i recently got myself a nice new AM2 system, but im having one very annoying problem...

whenever i move the mouse, type, browse the internet, play Counter-Strike, World of Warcraft or anything that makes my CPU usage go 1%+ i get an annoying high pitched buzzing/clicking sound. it's noticeably louder when i game than when i just browse the internet.

my computer is hardly even playable because whenever i sit down to do anything i cant stand the high pitch suqeel. :upset:

has anyone ever had this problem before? if so what did you do to fix it?\


specs are:

Power Supply – OCZ ModStream 520W
Motherboard – Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe
CPU – AM2 dual core 4200+ EE @ 2.2 GHz
RAM – 2GB G.Skill Extreme DDR2-800
Video Card(s) – Sapphire Radeon X1950 Pro
Hard Drive(s) – Western Digital Caviar SE16 250GB, SATA 3Gb/s
Operating System - Windows XP Home
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Couple of things to check out,,,,,,,

Your temps, make sure they are acceptable and please post them here for us to review.

i get an annoying high pitched buzzing/clicking sound. it's noticeably louder when i game than when i just browse the internet.
This makes me think it is the cpu fan that is bad and causing the noise because as you increase cpu usage the fan could speed up and the noise would also if you are Amd's cooln quiet

Check the case fans too by disconnecting them one at a time.

Note: Do not disconnect the cpu fan to check
hopefully speedfan tells you what you need to know about my CPU lol, im not exactly sure as to what program i should use to monitor my CPU temp.


photobucket resized my pics, so i uploaded 3 small ones instead of one big one :rolleyes:

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Your temps seem ok, the video card temp maybe a tad hi for idle temp.

Try and pinpoint were the noise is coming from.

Is it coming from the speakers?
Or the case speaker?

Still though check out all the fans
checked each fan, that wasnt the problem, even checked the videocard fan. the noise doesnt really sound like a fan spinning up, its more like an electronic hissing/grinding sound. it is coming from inside the case, im 100% sure of that, and the videocard temp is good (my last videocard idled at about 50-54 degrees).
check your voltage readings with
and in the bios and post them so we can compare them with those from speedfan which indicate a problem
check the noise is not coming from your psu fan
if you can use a multimeter check the psu if it the correct reading and not a faulty sensor it needs replacing
it should be under warranty
check your power requirements here you look under powered
based on a quality supply and add 30% to the end result
d/l the h/drive makers diognostic utility and run it on the h/drive
checked my bios, and wrote down anything that had to do with the processor.

Vcore: 1.26V
3.3V Voltage: 3.40V
5v Voltage: 5.18V
12V Voltage: 12.37V

did not say anything about VcoreA or B, just one Vcore voltage.
the test came out to about 500w after i added the 30%

wow, started the Western Digital test to see if my Harddrive was ok, and the sound started up and this time i could distincylu follow it to the processor (im 99.99% sure thats where the noise is coming from) but its weird, i come to this site to make the post while the HD is still scanning for errors, and when i scroll up and down the website with my scroll wheel the sound stops, but as soon as i take my finger off the scroll wheel and let the screen stay still the sound starts back up again.
try another mouse on the computer and see if it is the same
so the voltages and the temps look ok
tried another USB mouse and a PS2 mouse, temps and voltages stayed the same.
did you get the clicking problem with the other mice
yep, problem was still there with both the other mice.
use a straw or a piece of plastic pipe which will carry the sound when you place one end next to a component and the other end at your ear and try and isolate where it is coming from start with your psu and cpu fans
i can not figure out where the sound is coming from for the life of me. i have a cracked ear cannal in one of my ears so it kind of throws me off, ill get my tech guy to come over and take a look at it when i get back from supper and a little christmas shopping later tonight, and ill post back with more info.

right now im guessing the CPU isnt seated correctly, or the PSU is buggered.
if the cpu was not seated ok your tempretures would be through the roof it is almost certain it is one of the fans if the h/d came up clear
I am thinking the psu because its so hard to locate the sound and being the psu is encased itself makes it hard to find.

Plus on all readings from software and bios your +12v is low.

Does this computer ever restart or freeze?
Any other bad behavior?
im not having any problems with the computer freezing or restarting on me, or anything like that. couldnt get the tech guy to come in today, im hoping he isnt busy tomorrow so he can come in and have a look at it, maybe bring over a spare PSU and try that out. i only have a 350 watt no name brand psu as a spare that i took out of an old build and i dont want to risk that in my system.
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