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New Build for a friend

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Hi everyone. My friend enlisted my help in building a new PC with a budget of $1,000. She'll be using it mainly for gaming - her laptop now cannot keep up with the performance requirements of newer games, and she's fed up with it.

Here's a link to the wishlist so you can see the components I have together now. I need to make sure there aren't any blatant compatibility errors, crappy hardware or ripoffs in the list.

I am aware that there are two video cards in the list - I need recommendations on which one she should go with, as I haven't bought a video card in many years and I don't know the advantages of going with one hardware manufacturer to another.

She's buying a pretty case off of Not really relevant, but I thought I'd mention it since I didn't have one listed on newegg.

Also, she's looking to get a flatpanel screen in the 200-dollar range, but neither she or I knows enough to make an educated decision on any certain brand.
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Update: Took off the second video card. Swapped the ram to 667 instead of 800 - I figured it wasn't necessary considering how the processor isn't top of the line anyway, and it saves nearly 100 dollars off the base cost.

Even so, looks like it's going to be slightly over 1,000. She'll probably be fine with that, considering she doesn't have to pay for vista or any software, and so much of the system will be upgradeable.
i would put a dvdrw in not a dvdrom
and a decent power supply
never compromise on the power cut back on something else
Does it really have to be that expensive? I understand that it's important not to compromise on a part that could possibly cause harm to the computer, or other anomalies, but 130 bucks is serious business.

And the DVD writer... she says she really has no need to burn DVDs- plus I'm 50 feet away from her room at any given moment, and I could burn an image for her if she needed one done.
look for quality on special some always seems to have them out,i would not go under a 600w
thanks, will do
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