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I've got a Kobian Mercury Sound Card C884. To replace my onboard sound, as that was no longer working.

Anyway I seem to be having some problems

*It seems to hang for breif random moments when i play music. (only about half a second, but its noticable)

* It also dosnt seem to like it when I play audio under hardware support in games, either that or the eax dosnt work properlly. e.g. when i fire a gun in UT2004 (great game) it seems to miss out on small parts of the sound. It still plays a sound, it just dosnt seem full.

I downloaded what seem to be the latest drivers from the website but they seemed kinda confusing :4-dontkno.

I think i've put all that I can think of.

I have an AMD 2500 and 1 Gig of 3200 RAM
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