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never built a comp before, should I try it?

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Got all my parts read to go, and I am a very impatient person. I had some people lined up that know how to put computers togetrher, but it will be about 3-4 days before they are able to help me. I almost want to just put it together right now, but I have never done one beofre. Is it a good idea to try? I know you are not supposed to touch the RAM. could I just look on google for how to put a comp together?

Also I got Win XP media center OEM so would I just pop that inot the cd drive when it is together to install windows, and then I'm ready to go?
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Hey jessman,

Go easy, read carefully, and follow the old saying. I have always been told; "measure twice, and do the task once, and measure once, and do the task twice." Otherwise, if you go slow, double check everything, you should get it going and not have to redo the job. The last piece of advice....ask questions when you need to. I think you might want to go ahead and get started and holler if you need help. Hey, you did ask for an opinion, so can't guarantee your results, but I think you can do this one if you go easy and read carefully.
ok, need to know some things before I get started. Mainly what should I do or not do to preent Cpu and RAM from frying and other parts from becoming fryied?

I just hear stpires of how if you touch RAM it will be fried, touch a cpu and it will be fried fried etc, so the only thing holding me back right now is that I am terriefied to touch these things, cause I defineetly do not have the money to buy new parts if these get fried
You can purchase a anti-static grounding strap or just make sure you discharge any static from you bye grabbing the steel chassis of the computer every so often or even a doorknob .
Do not touch the contacts on the RAM or CPU try to handle it by the edges
Kodi, got the pdf file that was rated 10/10 from that link you gave, but it seems to be outdated. It talks about how to build a comp with cpus such as amd or pentium 3. I neither have an amd nor p3 cpu, I have a core 2 duo. also the motherboard in the example is not the one I have. Does this matter at all? Is it the same for all cpus/mobos, etc?

Also when all componenets are in place, what needs to be done as far as getting windows on and being ready to go? Do I actually need to do programming, or can I just pop in win XP media center OEM and install?
here are my specs:

P5B-E mobo
2GB DDR2 800 RAM from OCZ high performance
Geforce 7950 GTOC 512MB GDDR3 with HDTV
2.4ghz Core 2 duo
Win XP Media center OEM
700W OCZ GameXstream PSU
Crystal clear acryllic case with 3 case fans (front, back, side)
Samsung dvd burner

Am I going to need to do anything special with those? And if anyone has built a comp with those specs, or a comp with some of those included, can you give me some pointers.


Also what should be the order of installation? (ie, psu first, then mobo?)

Again, this is the first time of me attempting this and I am scared to death
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Is there a way to post a pic? Casue that might make more sense then trying to explain. Anywasy, I will try though.

On the inside, looking in from the rear of the case, there are 3 sets of 3 pins. The sets are spaced evenly away from each other going up the left side of the case. There is also a 4th set of 3 pins spaced far away from the others towards the top also on the left side.

All 3 case fans are installed already, but there is something installed on the bottom of the case. I s goldish and looks like some kind of alarm. It has one power cord coming from it, but it is a very small cord with a very small connector on the end that just says "speaker".

Case is completly plastic (or acryillic is the same thing I think, cause it is acryllic case). and the drive bays are held by flat head screws, with some acryllic covers.

been reading some guides, and all of them say to put PSU in so that fan is blowing out, but that is impossible with the one I got.

I have an OCZ 700W gameXtream PSU and the fan and power cord outlet are on different sides. The only way to have the power outlet showing in the rear of the case is to have the PSU fan blowing down onto the bottom of the case


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Somehow, my original post giving you basic directions to get started got deleted accidently while I was editing what I sent to you (by me, I hit the wrong button), so I sent the empty post telling you what to do to the recycle bin. I am assuming you got a copy of it before I messed it up since it was posted quite a while (you were on) before I made the mistake. It would take a bit to redo it, so hope you did get the information. From your post, I assume you did get it.

Your question about the power supply. Put the power plug OUT THE BACK (looks like a honeycomb on that power supply) of the case and that is where the air will be pulled out. The other grill area (round) will be pulling air out of the case and not blowing down on the motherboard. Hope that helps.
yeah, got your other post. So what you are saying, is that it is ok for the fan to be facing down towards the bottom of the case? Just double checking. Also, there are a crap load of cables that have come with this PSU am I gonna need all of them?
also, been looking the PSU over, and there are no screw holes anywhere on it. How do I secure it to those 3 pins mear the top (assuming it goes there)
ok, SPu is fastened to the rear panel of case (finally found the screw holes) I don't have thermal compund for the cpu. Is that alright? Also, is it ok to install the RAM, and vid card and then leave the mobo alone until I get some thermal compund?

DO NOT INSTALL A CPU/HEATSINK WITHOUT THERMAL PASTE!!!! Do you have the I/O plate in and the motherboard posts in? I need to hit the sack, will get back tomorrow. Just put the motherboard aside until you get the paste and get the posts and I/O plate in.
ok, thanks for your help, looking forward to it again tommrowo, lol. I can put the RAM and vid card in as long as I store it in a good place? (plastic bag?)
The tutorial is for an older computer but it is still relevant for todays computers just replace where it says Amd or pentium 3 with core 2 duo.
The motherboard will not be the same but it will have similar type layout.
The sets of pins in the bottom of the case are the motherboard standoffs and you should remove any that do not line up with the holes in the motherboard and move them if necessary so as they line up. The object on the case bottom is the speaker and should be plugged into the speaker header on the motherboard, it will give off beeps if there is a problem when you try to start the computer. You can install the ram before you install the motherboard but NOT the video or any cards just yet
ok, put vid card back in it's plastic case. Have no idea if I have the RAM in right. I have 2 sticks of 1GB, and I just put them in slot A1 and A2 on my P5B-e moboi
bump. good morning everyone, time for me to continue working
ok, put vid card back in it's plastic case. Have no idea if I have the RAM in right. I have 2 sticks of 1GB, and I just put them in slot A1 and A2 on my P5B-e moboi

Wrong way. For maximum efficiency, you need to put one stick in A1 and one stick in B1. That will give you dual channel and the most speed and efficiency.

That information would be in your motherboard manual near the front of the manual. You really need to follow that manual because it takes you through steps for optimal operation. Just take it step-by-step and you will be fine.
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