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Edited to add: Fixed now, just got a new router and the internet is back at it's best.

Hi all --

I have cable internet at my home and it has stopped working reliably. I have done everything I can do with the internet company at this point and I'm not sure if the problem is even theirs. Interested if there are things I haven't tried but should!

TC4350 cable modem, connected to an ASUS 9900 running Tomato firmware (will look up specific version number if you need it, I can't see everything at once).

Currently the modem lights are all normal**, and if I hardwire the connection to my computer (iMac running 10.14.6), I get internet. If I try to plug it into the wireless router, my computer will connect to wifi and the Network settings window says it has internet and an IP address and everything, but I can't load anything. My phone (Samsung Galaxy S9) will connect to the wireless network, but says no internet behind it.

**Earlier today (and once last week), I got strange light patterns on the modem, indicating a provisioning problem. The tech guys at the internet company were like "huh, that's weird. Maybe you should buy a new modem? We're not really sure."


Last week, I upgraded our service and a couple hours after the switch was made, the internet went out. I talked to the tech guys, we did lots of restarting/resetting things. Eventually it started working again. But I mentioned that we'd had brief outages (like 2-3 minutes) sometimes and so he recommended that they have a guy come out to check the physical lines to make sure nothing was amiss

This morning, that guy comes, and basically replaces every connection in and around the house. This obviously cuts our internet out for a while as he is working. During this time, the modem was restarted multiple times, but not the router or the extender (I know, extenders are terrible, but it gets a bit of internet into the one little corner that doesn't get the main router, so it works for us... usually). When he leaves, he says that he'd gotten some errors on the line, but since he replaced the connectors, the signal was good and strong. The modem and the router are working.

This afternoon, my housemate is trying to use the extender network in that one corner of the house and it isn't working. We restart it and her device, and it still isn't working. I'm like, okay fine, let's reboot everything. This was clearly a bad idea because then everything stopped working. I called tech support again, they kicked up to "level 2", but no answers, although we did get to the point of the hardwired connection working (but only directly from the modem, won't work through the router). Now you are caught up.

I have restarted the router (so many times), I've tried a different ethernet cable to go from the modem to the router. I've entered the router settings and tried various things about restarting the individual networks, renewing leases, etc. I'm not sure I've done everything in there since that's a deep trove, but I just mean to say I've tried a couple basic things.

Any other thoughts? Is there just some weird coincidence that this is the time my router is just dying? Could this still be an issue with my modem/ISP service?
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