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networking two wireless cards?

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ok, i'm looking for a specific answer here, and i hope that it isn't too complicated of an answer.

i can get a great deal on some wireless network adapters, and i was wondering, is there a way to set up two wireless cards to work as a lan, or is a router needed?

i'm thinking that i could set them up like i would with a crossover cable?

i need to get one for my laptop anyhow, to utilize hotspots, but to lan it to my main pc, will i need a wireless router?
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I assume you could somehow use the cards in Ad-Hoc mode????? but if your goal is to have a network, I would get a wireless router for your home network. You can use it as a router or a wireless access point depending on how it is connected and configured. Much less of a headache than playing games outside the sandbox!!

Since JohnWill is "the cheapest guy in town", I would suggest looking at his post for the $2.99 router after rebate!

What he said. It's a great deal, it'll get you going, and even though the router's only Wirelss "B", you can upgrade to a Wireless "G" router in the future if you find you're doing a lot of high-volume disk sharing or something.

At $2.99, you can afford to just throw out the old router!

- The Inspector.
InspectorGadget said:
At $2.99, you can afford to just throw out the old router!

no can do, the current router is a low latency gaming router...

anyhow, i can't disturb the lan at this house in any way.

the reason i asked, is that i can get these network adapters for 4$ each.

now, i am getting one for my laptop, if i get a second one for my main pc, can i link them together?

i don't mean to be rude, but i am not going to get another router.

so, i suppose i am asking johnwill this question:

"can i set up two wireless cards to work as if they were on a crossover cable?"
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Just hang the wireless router on the current router and configure it as a wireless access point. Should have no impact on your other connections through your current router.

see, part of the reason i was hoping to be able to do this was for total portability.

i wish to be able to use my laptop at various locations, some of which already have a hotspot, some don't.

at some of the ones that don't, there is a pc, and they have no problem with me putting the USB wireless adapter into the back of their machine and setting it up, and then i could unplug it, and later, it would automatically work with no setup.

then i could have this usb wireless adapter in my laptop bag, and i could just plug it in when needed.

of course, i an getting the pcmcia one for my laptop, but the USB one for the "carry around" one.

because of wanting to use it at many many locations, a router doesn't fit the bill.
If you configure the wireless NIC's in AdHoc mode, they'll connect to each other, just like a crossover cable. It will ONLY be a point-to-point connection, and you'll have to change the configuration to connect to standard access points. For the configuration management, you could look into something like NetSwitcher.
thank you thank you guys.

now, i am off to read about adhoc mode...

i'm glad this will work out the way i hoped, it means i can carry my own hotspot with me to anywhere i can plug in my USB stick wireless adapter.


anyone happen to know what ad hoc stands for?
Etymology:New Latin, literally, for this

: for the particular end or purpose at hand and without reference to wider application or employment *a special member appointed ad hoc according to the problem being considered*


: made, established, acting, or concerned with a particular end or purpose *a coordinated policy instead of ad hoc decisions* *an ad hoc commission of inquiry*

wow, my vocabulary sucks.

i didn't know it was a word, i thought it was an acronym for something.

i should go back to school.
No need to go back to school, just hang around here. :grin:
there ya go, two and a half years now, and i gotta say, i've learned alot so far.
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