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ok let me redesign what ive been talking about

1.) Desktop - XP PRO
3.) LINKSYS ROUTER .. both hard lined (connected into router) (no wireless)

I was able to give user rights to my laptop so it can access my desktop. No problems there.

Now, my laptop has XP HOME, which doesnt have a local security policy so i can give user rights.
So i need to know a way around that. I found this

1) Find the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) on the server that you want to access. This can be found by right-clicking the My Computer icon on the desktop and selecting properties. It will be found to the right of 'Full computer name:'. On the next line, is the Domain:. Write both these names down. Examples:
Full computer name: \\
2) On your XP Home system, open the My Computer icon (if it's on your desktop, otherwise, right-click on the Start button and select explore).
3) From the Tools menu, select 'Map Network Drive...'
4) Select a drive letter to share (Z:, X:, etc).
5) In the folder box type two backslashes (\\) and then the Fully Qualified Domain Name from step 1, then a backslash (\) and the shared folder you want to connect to. Example:\\\shared
6) Below the drive/folder settings is a link named: "Connect using a different user name.". Click this link and a dialog will appear asking for the user name and password to use when connecting to the folder.
7) In the 'User name:' field, enter a domain username that has access rights to the folder you want to access. Add it in the format [email protected] Where domain is the domain listed in step 1. Example:[email protected]
8) In the 'Password:' field, enter the password for the domain user account specified in step 7.
9) Click OK.
10) Make sure the 'Reconnect at logon' check box is checked so you won't have to enter the user credentials each time.

But i kept getting logon failure : the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer.

So can anyone please help me with a way around this to have XP HOME at least share a folder on a peer-2-peer network.

Thanks in advance.
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