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Networking N00B

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I started toying around with networking tonight to see if i could figure it out by myself. I did everything windows told me to do i went through the wizards created a "home or small office" network. I shared a couple files, but i don't know how to verify that the connection between the two computers is working, where the files should show up on either computer. What i have set up (from what i understand) is:

CompA with a Realtek RTL8029(AS) PCI Ethernet Adapter though a (crossover or ethernet cable? I don't know how to tell the difference) into CompB with a Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC...

Could someone please tell me how to check if the network is working or something i might have done wrong?
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StationA is plugged in straight to StationB meaning there is no switch, hub or router in between the two?
To test for basic connectivity you can do the following:

*On one computer go to start>run and type cmd
*at the command prompt type ipconfig
*find the ip address of that computer
*go onto the other computer and bring up a command prompt
*type 'ping [ip address of the other computer'
*if it says reply from.... 5 times that means you have the computers properly connected.
*if it says destination host unreachable or request timed out, they are not configured properly.

To find the shared files bring up an explorer window, such as opening my computer, and type \\[ip adress of the other computer]
you can also substitue the ip address for the computer name, and any public shares should be visible
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also it would help out alot if you tell us your network setup. how many computers do you have and also tell us if you have a hub, router, switch etc.etc.? do you also have firewall enabled on both computers?

if the firewall is enabled, even though if you network both computers right, the firewall will block both computers from accessing each other's files, assuming you want to share files between computers.
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