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I am having problems setting up a network between two computers. I want both of them to be able to share files and the internet connection too. The operating system on PC1 is vista ultimate, the OS on PC2 is xp pro sp2.

I havent set up a network before so please bear with me.

I have a nexhub HD080 hub. It has eight ports with an additional uplink port.

I have bought some wires today for the hub, there's two of them. One is a cross patch cord, the other is a patch cord.

In PC1 there is a VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter with the drivers installed for it.

In PC2 there is a SIS 900 Fast Ethernet Adapter.

We have a cable modem which has one ethernet port on the back and a USB port too, and one cable going into the wall.

I've been looking at other threads and have checked that my workgroup is set as WORKGROUP on both PC's.

Can anyone tell me what to do step by step in order to set this up and running?

I would really appreciate your time in this matter.

Thank you. :)
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