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Networking at 1% net utilization

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Networking at 1% net utilization

Hi, i know little about networking so bare with me.

i have 3 computers(all winxp home sp2) around the house connected via a d-link dsl 504t router(new).

computer (b) and computer (c) can share files at 80%+ network utilization and connect to the internet at max (1.5Mbit adsl).

computer (a)(mine) shares files at 1% network utilization and has poor internet connectivity.

The router(d-link dsl 504t) uses DHCP? to assign IP's??

a64(3400+) on a K8ne delux
1.5G ddr
2 x WD sata raptors

Fresh(today)install of WinXP + sp2 + nforce 5.10 drivers

Problem seem to come when we bought the router.(used to use a 8 port switch, with no problems)

I have tried different cables. Using different ports on the router, nothing seems to help.

My computer is the only one with an on-board network card.(dunno if that should matter??)

Thanks for reading.
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Onboard is good and bad. Good because of lower latency, bad if you're using a gigabit connection because they tend to run on the PCI bus. Have you swapped cables and tried that? What does the cable cross over or through from your PC to the router?
i have tried new cables. etc the connection is direct to the router.

I got it to work really well for about 10mins today, by pulling every ones cables out of the router except mine, resetting the router and putting the rest back in, i got full bandwidth both locally and on the WAN.

Then about 10mins later i noticed the "network cable is unplugged" warning pop up for about 1 second. then performance was crap again.

I wonder if my IP lease time has something to do with this????
Further testing has proved interesting:

Only plugging in my comp plus one of the others(either one), results in the network working perfectly. Full bandwidth both ways both local and on the net. As soon as i plug in the third, my computer suffers(only mine).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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