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Network Traffic Tracking?

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Good Day All,

I have a problem determining which software I should be using to help me monitor network traffic over my router on an ongoing long term basis. The program would have to capture all websites visited and all count downloaded by the users Mac Address. If possible, a simple log file stating just the Date Time Stamp, Web URL and the File name would be ideal; this would limit search time, should an audit be required in the event of a policy infraction.

I’ve been looking into programs such as WireShark, but I understand that there are limits with the log file size. I am looking to capture a months worth of data before having to download and archive the log file.

There are on average 20 to 30 people using the network after working hours for basic use; such as; Email, Surfing and Youtube.

The network in question is a wireless network being broadcast over a D-Link router from a cable modem.

Also, I would like to run this program from a 3rd party computer as all users on this network are using personal devices.

Any help would be appreciated,
Thank you all for your time,

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