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Hi everyone...
Im a bit of a newbie towards network security and Im struggling to understand how best to protect things. I am just hoping that someone here can at least give me their opinion on the issues Ive listed below:
I had a hacker in my network, but Ive reinstalled everything in the pc from BIOS to OS including a brand-new router

Im running Window 10 and connect to the internet with a LTE 4g router through Ethernet only (I have Wi-Fi disabled)

1. I get around 60dl and 30ul speed connection to the internet, but webpages are taking forever to open unless I activate a vpn which lowers significantly the connection speed but then the webpages open. It is making me feel that my network is under attack
2. I check my public ip address with cmd nslookup and I get a different public ip address to what I get when I google it. anyone any ideas why this is?
3. Some of the time when I log into routers interface it tells me that someone is already connected and asks me by proceeding I will force them off?

Are these obvious signs that I have someone already inside or trying to gain access to my network? and if so.. what should I do to protect things?
Any advice very much appreciated!
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