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network security design

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• Assume the role of Network Administrator for an accounting firm with 38 fulltime employees, Miller and Miller Certified Accountants.
• Utilize the following information to outline a new network security design for this firm in no less than 400 words:
o Employee breakdown; 2 partners, 28 accountants, 5 administrative assistants, 2 technology specialists, 1 human resources manager.
o 2 community networked printers and 10 office multi-function printers.
o Great Plains accounting software database resides on a dedicated server. Currently, personal files are stored locally on each workstation for each employee.
o You have been granted an open budget to implement your new plan.

• Hint: You will need to think about what is involved with an accounting firm, then answer the following;
1. What security model? Managed, like Active Directory - or simple like WorkGroups
2. What will be your File/Print/App architecture? Peer-2-Peer or Client/Server
3. What are the different groups/departments in this organization? Accounting, Executive, marketing, technology, etc..
4. How would you manage the creation of new user accounts in this organization? Using Active Directory to establish security group memberships or manual creation and security.
5. How would you ensure that security is maintained? Would you want a secretary to have the ability to look into the partner's personal network folders?

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