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Can anyone help me understand these questions and what the answers are?

Scenario A Unless specified all EIGRP configuration are default.

1. Traffic destined for DC B from campus E is routing via campus D and DC A. Why is that??
2. What are the risks of this design?
3. How could this design be simplified?

Scenario B All sites participate in EIGRP, default configuration without route-filters or summarisation.

The WAN routers in site C and D are redistributing all routes. Routing tables are converged and stable and contain the required routes for traffic to forward.
1. HOST A can establish tcp sessions with host B, but not with host C. Why could be the possible causes for this.
2. HOST B and HOST C are configured within the same network segment on the same subnet. Is this a valid configuration?
3. What type of ACI deployment is this?

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