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network problems

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hi guys, im new here


i want to use my apple laptops wireless to give my desktop internet connection.
i was told from another forum to get a crossover cable and bridge the connections on the laptop. i did that, no internet on the desktop. they arent helping me anymore, so i was wondering if you guys can give me a helping hand here??
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I'd love to, but I have no idea if the apple offers Internet Connection Sharing, which is what you seem to be looking for.
i dont believe the problem lies in the apple, i think it lies in windows not know that there is another computer trying to share with. i bridged the connection in OSX and Windows isnt pickup the network. :sigh:
cant anyone one help me??
Actually, if the Internet connection it through the apple, configuring the PC to it's default network settings should allow it to connect. Configure the Windows machine to obtain it's IP and DNS addresses automatically.
all the settings are on automatic. someone from another forums said it was impossible to connect to the internet in this fashion though. should i get the wireless routers IP and DNS, or should i try to find my modoms and type those in manually??
Like I said, I have no idea about connecting through the Apple.

If you have a wireless adapter on the Windows machine, clearly a direct connection to the router is the way to go.
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