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Network printer install problems

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I have a network set up between my computer and my husbands computer. I have just installed Win 2K on his computer and at this time I still have Win 98SE. On the Win 98 computer I have a Lexmark 5700 printer and on the Win 2K I have a Lexmark 3200. On the Win 2K computer I can see the Lexmark 5700 and I have installed the Win 2K drivers. However when I try to print with it his entire system locks up and I have to reboot. When I try to print with the Lexmark 3200 from the Win 98 computer I get an error message that says I need a password. Where do I find a password for the Win 2K machine for the printer. None has been set on that machine as far as I am concerned.

Stated simply at this time I can only print on each machine with that machines local printer. HELP
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On the issue with the passwords, you need to setup an account on the W2K machine that has the same name/password as you log into the W98 machine with. Give that account permissions to access the printer on the W2K machine, and you should be all set.

As far as the W98 machine printer, it's hard to say without seeing it in person, but it's likely a driver issue. I've had varying degrees of success with W98 shared printers, and almost all the problems were print driver related.
Agreed, on the 2K mach. I assume you did share it, in printers right click the printer, properties, shared as. And the 98 mach needs to have its own correct driver for any printer on the 2K unit.
If there is nothing special about the 2K, it's just a pro mach set up in a workgroup. You have a Local Security Policy...start, programs, admin tools, Loc Sec Pol. Go to local policy, user rights assignment. "Log on locally" is that any help?
Wait a sec..I mis spoke. I have log on local on the brain. Admin tools, computer local users and groups. In users make your acct for the 98 access. So sorry.:rolleyes:
Win 2k Network access Solved!

Thank You T Cheavey.
It is 3 years since I got my Win 2k system and have not been able to gain network access from my win 98 machines. Your last entry allowed me to add usernames and FINALLY :bgrin: print to all my printers and share my files. It's over a year since your posting. I hope you receive my Thank You!
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