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Dear Reader,

I am trying to use the printer wizard on a win98se-run box to enable printing to a network printer connected directly to a network. I can't seem to find a way to do it. I hope someone can help.

If I select local printing. I do not get an option to select the NIC port

If I select network printing, a dialog box asks for a "workgroup or queue name" for the printer. I do not know what to enter at this point. ( When I press the browse button at this point, no printer shows in the network.)

My setup is as follows :

win98se-run box with a 10/100 NIC connected to one port a four port router.
Apple Laserwriter IIg connected to another port of the router.
Other Apple boxes connected to the other two ports of the router.

The other Apple boxes can print to the network printer no problem.
The win98se box can access cable internet via the router but cannot see the printer.

Any good advice would be greatly appreciated!


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