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network connectivity

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hi all,

I have one problem in extreme switch. i have one extreme switch in sever room
one in library and one in remote location. now the hostels of our institute are connected to the switch connected to the remote switch which is X450-24.
X450-24 is connected to library switch X450a-48t, which is connected to to server room switch X450a-48t. All links are fiber link. now today i have connected one faulty SFP to library X450a-48t. Then the both links are got down. After replacing one good SFP the links are not coming. I have changed the port of the three switches. server room to library is up but library to X450-24 is still down. i have replaced the SFP of X450-24 also but the link is not coming up. If i connect one fiber from one hostel then the port blinks but when i connect the fiber from library switch the port does not blink. but there no any fiber cut .if some one needs the scripts i can provide .

please help me out .

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single mode or multimode fiber?

if multimode did you try flipping the connections?
multi mode fiber.. i have put another fiber from an another working link then the port bilnks....
what does that mean?

a different cable worked?
in that two ports between the 2 switches different fiber also does not work .....
but port are OK because if i connect a different link to that port it works...
funny thing is that there no fiber cut.
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