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Network Connection loss

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OK so my problem is that every time I start up my PC everything is working fine, however 2-10 min from when I start my PC the connection to the internet is lost and I cant re-initialize it without restarting my PC and then the same problem continues, there are 3 other computer on the same Network that DON'T have this problem, so I don't think it is the router.

does anyone know what the problem might be, and perhaps how to fix it?
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Hi Borathian! Are you connected via Ethernet or Wirelessly to your router?
Ok thats cool, do you turn your router on at the time of booting up your PC or do you leave it on all the time?
Ok to fix this i'll need you to try these steps and then tell me if this fixes anything!

1. Go into Command Prompt, do this by typing in 'cmd' into run on your start menu.
2. Type in: 'ipconfig/all'
2. After all the info has come up type in 'ipconfig/release'
3. Then after that type in 'ipconfig/renew'
4. Shut down your PC and turn off your router.
5. Re-boot and see if you still have a problem

Don't put the ' in command promt they're mearly just to show you what to put in! :grin:
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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