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network cable unplugged

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Hello! I am new here! the reason I am on here is because I have a very tech savvy boyfriend who has finally told me..figure this one out for yourself...(probably because he doesn’t know the answer either)

well...ha-ha I am not a total noob and know my way somewhat around a computer.

I am not at home right now…this is due to the fact that my INTERNET WONT WORK! so I don’t have all of the specs with me.
I recently purchased a wireless usb adapter(ENCORE ENUWI-G2 USB 2.0 802.11G Wireless Adapter ) for my desktop. This desktop was originally used for gaming so it had all the bells and whistles.

it was working perfectly for a while and then all of a sudden…NETWORK CABLE UNPLUGGED. well..i almost threw it out the window but instead I reset my wireless router to no avail. all other wireless items in my house work with no issues.

I contacted the place I purchased the adapter from and they sent me a brand new one. well..that didn’t work either. I uninstalled the drives, re installed. I ran diagnostics etc.
it tells me my wirless connection is excellent and shows all green bars. however, now 2 more connections have showed up. I tried disabling the other 2 that were showing up to no avail as well. I tried to bridge the connections thinking maybe that would work and nothing. I tried running the computer in safe mode. nothing.

my normally great running computer is now one hiccup away from being throw out my second story window(the only thing that’s saving it is the fact it runs my sims2 still)

I don’t know if anyone could give me a suggestion I have not tried yet, but any advice would be appreciated.
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oh and in addition to have it show all green bars and telling me my connection is excellent it still says network cable unplugged and will not connect to the internet
Network cable unplugged is from the wired NIC inside the machine. Wireless network adapters would simply say connected or disconnected. If you connect a network cable to the PC, that message would go away.
my cable is connected to my playstaion and i would have to unplugg it from that and stretch it across my living room everytime i wanted to use the internet on my computer. that is why i got the wireless. so your saying that i just cant use the wireless on my desktop any more?
No, I was just saying that you'll see network cable disconnected if you don't have the wire connected.

As to why you can't access the internet, I'm really not sure. If you're connected to the wireless network and you are getting an IP from the router you should have access to the internet.

Can you go to a command line and type:

ipconfig /all

and press enter.

Paste the output or post a screen shot.
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