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Network Bridge connect

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I would like to know,

Windows 7
I have no info about wireless connections...
When I bridge the Local Area Connection to the Wireless Network Connection, which I only have a wired cable modem from ethernet, the internet has no or low connection, do I have to have a wireless router to be able to connect like this, as what I want to do is to connect a wireless printer to the IEEE 802.11 lan card which has 300mbps. Is any way to get my printer to show my ssid without a router, I have no idea what works for wireless and am randomly trying different options available and have tried setting up an ad hoc, but still cannot read anything on the printer or from the printer on the computer.
Do I have to have a router?
What would be the steps to get a wireless printer to show up on the wireless network connection from the lan card?
Or to have lan card send out ssid so the printer can pick it up and connect?
I have tried multiple ways.
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If you want to use the wireless card / usb device in your computer, you need either a wireless router or a wireless access point which you would connect to your router.

Which router have you? Brand, model & model # please.

Was it provided by your ISP? If so, ask them about recommendations for access points that are compatible with your router. Not all access points are compatible with all routers.

I am guessing that modem and router are basically the same thing,
I have a cable modem that was provided by isp.
I thought their was some way to use the lan card by it self as access point,
The lan card has no connections on it, it only has two antennae,
I would need to bridge them?
If I connect the wired ethernet to a wireless router and then bridge them, that is how to do it correct?
My card has the settinbg ap access point, i have switched to that, but it does not show any networks in the network scan with the ralink software, but my printer shows to available networks, the printer also has a 802.11. How to get the card to show networks?
A modem and a router are two different things. A modem can have a router built in, but not necessarily. You most likely need to purchase a separate wireless router in order to use the wireless card for the connection.
The LAN card, or a wireless card / usb device is a tool that a computer uses to interact with the software within Windows to connect to a network.

An ethernet / network card does NTO have the capability of detecting wireless networks.

To provide additional assistance, I would need to know:
Brand, model & model # of your computer.
Brand, model & model # of your network device [ router or modem ].
Version of Windows on the computer.

Thank you,

I managed to figure it out and can now read the ap ssid from the printer and was able to connect. I do not know what was wrong before, but I had tried the exact same thing but it did not show my ssid I set up on my printer went through the software again and it is now getting ssid from printer, though it is strange the printer shows some neighbours ssids with available network, but my computer does not.
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