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I need to replace the video card for my Athlon 1300. I had some type of GeForce AGP 4X and was very happy with it, but as I want using the machine at the time, I lent the card to a friend and now I can't get it back.

I paid about $40.00 for the old GeForce card and was VERY happy with it's performance. But I can't remember anything else about it. (If I could, I would just buy another one just like it.) What I DO remember is that it was "short" (not long like some of the "higher end" Video Cards), it was AGP 4X and didn't have a chip fan.

What I liked best about this card was that it was STABLE. I never had a bit of problem with it for the 2 years I had it. Drivers were easy to find and install and it really was "fire & forget".

There are WAY too many choices offered by newegg for me to pick one, so I am asking for a personal recommendation.

I don't play too many games, and the ones I do play are not too "high-end". BF1942 is pretty much the extent of my gaming. For the most part, I do Internet Surfing and Home Office applications. I mention this because I do not think I need a "high-end" Video Card. Stability and reliability are more important to me than "bells & whistles" (such as video in & out and other features).

As far as price, I could spend as much as $75.00 for a card, but (unless there is a very good reason for paying more) I would prefer to keep the price close to @ $50.00.

If anyone could help me with this, I would be most appreciative. I would rather buy a card that someone else has and endorses, rather than risking blindly purchasing a card that turns out later to be completely inadequate.

Thanks in advance.
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