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Need to disable front jack Realtek

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I'm hoping someone one here can help. I've scoured the internet to no avail. I have an Asus laptop with Realtek installed. The drivers appear to be updated.

My headphones jack is not working, and now the computer is stuck in thinking that headphones are plugged in preventing sound from the speakers.

I've gone into the Realtek audio manager to disable the jack, however my audio manager looks different than the others I've seen online.

When I click on Device Advanced Settings, the popup box that appears only has recording device options, no playback options are shown.

Also, I do not have the folder icon in the corner, which others have used to
disable the front jack. Any help is appreciated. I'm losing my freaking mind.
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Uninstall any Realtek drivers listed in Add and Remove programs (if there are any), reboot, and then install/reinstall the latest available version from the Asus website for your laptop.
You can also try Uninstalling the Sound device in Device manager and Windows will reinstall when you reboot.
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