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Need some advice

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I am trying to upgrade my computer and currently when I play morrowind it jerks every now and then (Mainly because my brother keeps adding things to do with textures and meshes? that makes it look better)

My current graphics card is a Radeon 9800 Pro 128Mb.

I want to improve the frame rate and don’t want to spend much money. I saw a...

Powercolor 9600 Pro 256Mb

For a reasonable amount of money, will this improve my frame rate a lot? (Or perhaps even let me play Oblivion when it's out) I have 768 Ram and a 2.3 processor incase you need to know that too.

I’m not fluent in computers, as you may have noticed. So my question is… should I buy the new graphics card or is it not worth the money?

Emma. :)
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You'd lose performance by going to the 9600 even though it has more RAM. The 9800 has 8 pixel pipelines. Those are the paths that the data passes through when creating an image. Obviously the more the better. The 9600 has only 4 pipelines. My friend has Morrowind on her PC (P4 1.8Ghz 126MB GeForce4 MX440) and it runs very smoothly.
Oh it did run smoothly, but my brother added a lot of things to it :/ higher resolution texture things and better bodies/heads.

Anyway, thank you for the help Ebackhus, though you did loose me with the pixel pipe comments :D

I will just keep an eye out for a a better card then :)

Sorry if I lost ya there, tried to explain the difference between the cards. :)

You could probably go with a 6600GT or a basic 6800. Both will offer massive improvement in your gaming.
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