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heres my specs
just click specs

Anyways, i dont wanna buy a new computer, nor do i wanna build a new one
i just want this one to get around 45-60 fps on WoW

It gets around 20-25 fps in towns and 30-35 out of towns and 40 if im really lucky

like before i can only buy from

im already gonna downgrade to windows xp and im prob gonna get 2 gigs of ram

i know i need a new video card, atleast a better one then i have now
but what else do i need?
and also would getting another gig of ram even help?

btw, budget is 1k but id prefer to spend only 300-500 if possible

sorry for all the questions, i just really wanna play WoW... so bad
so how bout it wise people, what do i need to make this pc play wow at 45-60 fps
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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