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Need Quick Video Advice

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Nvidia GTS 250 or GTX 470?

Intel Q9650
Motherboard GA-EP43T-USB3
Corsair XMS 8GB DDR3 4X2GB
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Depends what you need it for. If it's for playing games at high settings on a large monitor, the GTX470 will be much better. Just make sure you've got a good PSU and cooling.
Well...... I've got a 1000W PS and a 26" high res monitor that I play with.

What would you recommend for cooling?
You need two 120mm case fans, one at the front and one at the back. The stock fans for CPU and graphics card should be ok unless you plan on overclocking.
Right O

Thanks for your comments.........
Brand & Model of the 1000W PSU?
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