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Need opinions on new CPU heatsink/fan

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I'm building a new PC for gaming and the only thing I need is a powerful and somewhat quiet heatsink/fan. Here is the mobo and cpu that I am getting.
ASUS A8N-SLI Premium
AMD Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego
I have been looking around and have found two that I really like. This one and this one . I was just wandering which one is better.
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i dont know much about the thermaltake heatsink but i know the zalman is a good cooler. if you do decide to get the zalman though you will need to make sure it fits on your motherboard. check the mobo manufacturer/s website. good luck.

also dont forget to purchase a good thermal compound if you dont have one already. a good thermal compound would be artic silver 5.

I would go for the Zalman if I were going to make that change on this unit. Yes, do make sure it fits before you spill for that unit. However, I must give you another look at something you may want to consider.

I presently have an A8N-sli deluxe (not the premium) board with a San Diego 3700. I am using the factory heatsink and fan and running about 35c at-rest, and under 50c under-stress. It is a quiet unit. My case is one of the new Antec Sonata II models and I am using the standard 120 back fan and the auxillary 120 front fan. I have both of the fans in my case running at the slowest possible speed and no temp problems or noise problems. The power supply fan runs and the auxillary power supply fan (temp controlled) does not come on because the unit does not get hot enough. Total temps have a lot to do with case cooling, cables (round), and placement of fans.

Just thought I would pass that on FWIW, but my recommendation would be the zalman if you feel you have to put another one on this unit.
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