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Need more Ram.

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I am looking to put more ram in the old PC, I purchased it in 2001. Its a compaq 7000, Pentium 4, 1.3 ghz with 2- 64 mb pc 800rdram. Operating on windows ME. I want to go up to 512mb of ram because i would like to scrap the windows ME and install windows XP. I was told i need more ram for XP. Do i need to beef up the ghz to 1.5 and if so, how? I am also looking to purchase the ram online and have best buy put everything together.
Thank you in advance.
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You don't really need a new CPU. The difference between 1.3 and 1.5 GHZ is minimal at best. The one you have will work fine. Upgrading the RAM to 512 MB is a good idea though. Also, don't get Best Buy to charge you for RAM installation when you can do that yourself in a matter of seconds, or even get someone you know to do it for you for free.

Minimum system requirements for XP Home/Professional
So if i purchase the intel pentium 4 1.4 ghz @ 512 ram it will work.
Go to this link and "Check My Computer":

This is a good utility that will tell you a lot about your computer and current RAM configuration.

My rule is if you are running Win2k or XP and any sort of Anti-Virus, you really need at least 512 MB of RAM. If you can afford more, buy it and install it.

RAM is typically easy to install. Just note you may need to pull out what is currently in your system in order to upgrade as you will only have a limited number of RAM slots.

I do not waste time trying to obtain RAM locally anymore as there are way to many variables these days, I usually purchase it online.

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You have RDRAM, otherwise known as RAMBUS. It's very hard to get anymore which makes it VERY expensive. I'd just go with a new board and use DDR/DDR2. It'd come out the same in cost.
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