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Need Major Help

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I am Running Windows XP : Profesional :

This morning I tried to start up my computer and well Windows won't start. It goes to a blue screen that says that it has been shut down to protect files blah blah blah. Then it says something about a boot drive error or somethinh..maybe sector. Can't recal. I didn't add any new Hardware/Software last night so that can't be it.

Anyway, Safe mode/Restore last working setting won't work either, same error.

So, what I did right now to post was took out both my drives, set Master as Slave and Slave as Master.

The drive that windows won't boot up on is my slave and I can acess the files.

However, I still want my old Master to still remain as my master and my slave as my slave! (The slave drive is slower)

The Drives are a 80GB and a 30GB WD, but I am 99% sure it's not a hardware error but rather a windows error.

I tried to reinstall windows on the screwed up drive and it says that it can't detect if its NTFS or Fat32 and will need to create big partion which would format it. HOWEVER when I acess it a slave it says NTSF. ***..?!
Of course I can't format it because I have tons of important stuff on it.

What can I do? (Besides going with the format :/). It's Win XP profesional. I know theres some recovery floppy but i don't have it.

Any Ideas?

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Go into Consule Recovery mode and run:


See if that helps.
It doesn't seem to detect the Other drive in the Recovery Console.

Just to make sure im in the right console, its the one in windows setup right?
Ok I managed to dot he Fixboot and it doesnt help.

I didn't do FixMBR because it said it would delete stuff. I don't want to lose any data...
Oh yeah, I now have the EXACT error message

"Unmountable boot volume"
i think i know the answer

Try Tweak XP a XP tweak program, there is an option in the performance and maintenance i believe the to Fix Mounted Drive, that could do it, doesn't look like you got any more choice :)
Hope it works out, tell me if this helps
Got the program but cant find Fix Mounted Drive
Ok I fixed it! :d

In case anyone else ever has this, heres how you do it.

I booted into Recovery Console from the Windows XP disk.

There I typed D:/ (where my windows that screwed up was installed)

from where I went to type


and then


and it fixed it!

Back for More Morrowind!
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