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Need help with upgrading my AMD Mobo - questions

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As said on my sig, I have an AMD Athlon 64 X2 processor, 2.8GHz. I have 2GB ram, and now that isnt very much. I would like to upgrade, but had no idea how much the board would support. So I downloaded a tool called 'sissoftwaresandra', that tells you different information about your processor, motherboard, drives, PCI cards, etc. It says my motherboard is capable of up to 16GB of ram, but it only has 2 ram slots.

The model of the motherboard is a NF-M2SV Abit. (i know that part is correct because the NF-M2SV is printed on the board itself.). My question is simply this: How much memory can this board run?
I googled the model and i came up with 2GB.
However, this utility seems to think it can do 16GB. which is correct?
and if it can only support 2GB, would it be worth it to upgrade the motherboard and ram, without upgrading the processor, or would i do better to upgrade the processor also? thanks!

BTW: it has a PCI-E slot, another PCI-E slot (not sure what for... ) and like 2 or 3 PCI slots. basically its a cheapo motherboard that I got along with the processor, a combo deal.
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Looks like 4 gig for ram > AM2&pMODEL_NAME=NF-M2SV
And the CPU support list isn't too promising>

It's listed as a AM2+ board but there are not any Phenom I CPU's listed let alone Phenom II or Athlon II CPU's.

Check the images make sure the model is correct, I see a single PCIe x16 slot and a PCIe x1 along with 2 PCI slots.

Abit is no longer in the motherboard business so I would not expect to see any new Bios updates to support newer CPU's.

Did you have a budget in mind?
not really.. i dont want to spend thousands, but maybe 400 or so....? maybe?
On iPhone cuz family dragged me along to see twilight.. Oh god. Anyways looking on newegg, I found an Asus motherboard
Looks decent, and it's an Asia so I know it's a good board. I just don't know about the micro, I have a midsize atx case. Maybe 150 for mobo, 120 for ram, and maybe 200 for video, ATM. Your thoughts?
What PSU do have currently?

I'm thinking maybe upgrade a little at a time, start with the Video card, PSU then go for the CPU, MB and Ram?
Power supply is 700w beast power. I will be upgrading a bit at a time, starting with the mobo and ram, possibly the processor also. I think the video card is okay for the time being. It's a geforce 7950gt pci-e. The motherboard and memory is my biggest concern though.
How about these since you going the MB, Ram, CPU

CPU one of these 2|19-103-846^19-103-846-TS%2C19-103-808^19-103-808-TS
Those look pretty good! Is the phenom a good processor?
The Phenom II is a good CPU they rum a little warmer then Intel and don't Overclock as high but for less money it'll run right with an Intel CPU.
Ah, i see. Yeah I know amd's tend to run hotter than intel chips. I was doing some browsing about amd chips, and i came across the newer 6 core amd, my buddy has one and loves it, would that be worth investing in?
Currently I would rather have the clock seed of the Quad over the extra cores, Games have just started being multi-threaded they don't fully use all cores of the quad, 6 cores would be useful in video rendering with high-end latest software and 3d production/ cad software.
only in video rendering/editing huh? point well taken. thanks for clearing that up!
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