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I have a SchokVolt SV55 smartphone. It has always shown in This PC as ' SchokVolt SV55'. After a recent update of the phone, it no longer shows in This PC, at all. It does show in Printers and Devices when I plug it in, but not as SchokVolt SV55. It shows as QM215-QRD_SN:55A85536. When I left click on this icon, I get Properties with Categories showing 'Cell phone'. When I right click on the icon I get the options to Create shortcut, Remove device, Troubleshoot and Properties. Troubleshooting finds nothing wrong.

If the phone is listed anywhere in Device manager, I haven't found it. I need it to show in This PC so I can transfer pictures from it to my computer.

Knowing nothing about smart phones, I don't know where to begin correcting this.

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