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Hi All,
I need some help figuring out how a Windows 2003 server has been configured so that when a particular user logs on with Remote Desktop, they don't have a task bar, can't right click on the desktop and have a particular application always running. Administrative users can log on using Remote Desktop and they don't have any of these restrictions. (we only connect through terminal services, btw)

To try and find out how the restrictions are set up, I checked the Group Policy Object Editor as an administrator account and it shows the local computer administrate template has no policies configured whatsoever. I tried using GPMC to find policy settings specific to the user in question, but because we don't use Active Directory, that tool does nothing. I looked in Local Security Policy, but found no mention of the user in question ("Support"). In looking at the users properties (under computer management, local users and groups) I don't see any terminal services profile set.

To try and figure out how the single application the user has was launched, I looked under the startup folder for the user, checked the various "run" keys in their user section in the registry, and looked at the user's environment settings under computer management, but all turned up nothing (and the logon scripts under the local computer group policy is empty too)

The only other clue is that this user is part of a "SupportUsersGroup" group, but I don't know how to look up information on that group aside from what I've mentioned trying above

So I'm at a total loss... any help or tips would be appreciated! thanks

(To know a little more about my particular situation, the logon stuff was configured by another guy who doesn't work here and I have no contact info for him. My primary task is to get the restricted user to have an additional support tool running when logged in, but I also just want to understand this thing)
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