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need help with networking my printer

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I have a brother hl 2040 printer that I am trying to print from on my network. I have the printer shared I see it on my homegroup I have updated to the windows 7 drivers but when I try to connect to my printer with my laptop over the network it says can not connect then it say can not find drivers over the network. What have I done wrong? both computers are running windows 7 and I have undated drivers on both computers the printer is hooked up to my host computer with usb.
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If you share a folder on the win7 box hosting the printer can you access it?
If you go into the printer properties on your win7 box what is the port set to? \\win7hostname\printersharename or is it to lpt1?
my port is set as usb001
That would be wrong then since it refers to the local port not the share.

What is your printer share name and the workstations name it is attached to?
the printers share name is djnet and my host's name is dj
then the correct entry to the port would be \\dj\djnet

hopefully this will help. Skip down to the 2nd part of adding the network printer. Vista is close to win7 so this tutorial should work for you

How to Share a Local Printer on your Network with Other Computers with Vista - Publishing - Pixel2Life
I did all them steps the first time
You couldn't have have done the second part if your port was set to usb instead of the share.

All I can do wicket125 is lead you in the right direction. Best of luck.
I can find the printer on my network and the path is right thank you so much for trying
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