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need help upgrading the cpu in my desktop

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I need to upgrade my pc for a job. i need a 2.00 Ghz single-core OR 1.00 Ghz dual-core. i don't know if i need to replace my motherboard too, or what to do. here is some info i have on my pc. i'm not sure what info you need to help me, but i can look up whatever you need. i downloaded cpu-z to get info on it.

Intel Celeron
Windows XP Home Edition SP3 (Build 2600)
CPU Arch : 1 CPU - 1 Cores - 1 Threads
CPU PSN : Intel Celeron CPU 1.80GHz
CPU EXT : MMX, SSE (1, 2)
CPUID : F.1.3 / Extended : F.1
CPU Cache : L1 : 12 / 8 KB - L2 : 128 KB
Core : Willamette (0.180) / Stepping : E0
Freq : 1791.46 MHz (99.53 * 18)
MB Brand : Unknown
MB Model : P4M266-8233
NB : VIA P4M266 (VT8751) rev 00
SB : VIA VT8233 rev 00
GPU Type : NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 (Microsoft Corporation)
DirectX Version : 9.0c
RAM : 1024 MB DDR
RAM Speed : 132.9 MHz (Unknown) @ 2-3-3-6
Slot 1 : 512MB (2100)
Slot 1 Manufacturer : Corsair
Slot 2 : 512MB (2100)
Slot 2 Manufacturer : Corsair
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Is this a branded PC or custom built?
The model number listed for the MB(motherboard) is a chipset model not a board model.
The Willamette is socket 478 CPU, they are no longer in production but there are a lot used/refurb cpu's around, just need to figure out the motherboard to see what it supports.
it's a custom built, probably 6-7 years old maybe. i'm not sure who made the motherboard or how to figure that out.
Try CPUz look on the mainboard tab for the brand and model

If that doesn't give us a better answer then you'll have to look at the board for any stenciled markings.
i just want to go ahead and upgrade the mobo and cpu. what's my best bet for something cheap but good? also, will i have to reinstall everything when i replace them? i dont have a disk for windows if i have to reinstall it.
How much are you willing to spend?
Unfortunately components have changed a lot since that was built, you'll need a CPU, Motherboard, Ram(you have either PC133 or DDR ram new boards are DDR2 or DDR3), if you need a video card for gaming, yours will be a AGP slot new boards are PCIe x16 slots.
Windows if the OEM version will not transfer to a new board the OEM license lives and dies with the original motherboard installed on(Exception made for similar type repair replacements).

If you not looking at gaming and just office type apps then integrated video will do all you need.

Here is my current entry level workstation build you can drop the case off and reuse yours, as well as any drives you currently have, but newer boards only have 1 IDE controller that will handle up to 2 drives. The rest of the drive ports are for Sata hard drives and CD/DVD drives. You'll need to add Windows to the build OEM Windows in XP or Windows 7 Home Premium is $99.99 GA-G41M-ES2L $56.99 E5300 $66.99 2 gig DDR2 800 $40.99 Seasonic SS400ET $48.99 WD 160 gig $38.99 Liteon DVD burner $17.99 Cooler Master Case $39.99

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That is a good budget build wrench put up for you, that gigabyte board is pretty solid. I have used several of them in budget upgrades
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