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Need help troubleshooting system that wont boot

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I have an older custom computer (spec a bottom of post) that died last week. So by died I mean I went to turn my computer on, a bunch of thing came on for a couple secs then everything went silent. I turned my power supply off tried again, reset my power strip, and tried again, each time same thing.

After this I began to look at the problem more tactically, so to be specific here is what is going. When the Power supply is turned on, case fans and CPU fans run, lights on mobo and power switch come on, fan on the Graphics card twitches, then after a few secs all fans stop and power switch light goes dead. The lights one the motherboard stay on how ever. There is no other responsiveness. Pressing the power switch does nothing, there are no beep from the tweeter at any point either.

I was made to believe this is either a Power Supply or Mobo issue (if not srry for being in hardware) so Ive already taken the following steps

  • New outlet
  • Tried replacing Bios battery (just because I could really)
  • Tested power supply with multi-meter, All connections tested OK
  • Tried starting with all peripherals unplugged/removed. Actually tried many times taking one out at a time till all were out.
  • Removed and inspected motherboard for burns and shorts
  • Check CPU for any apparent damage
  • Put it all back together and tried again, plus tried bypassing the power switch by shorting the to power switch connector prongs.
So did all that got me nowhere. What should my next move be?

Im really a novice with all this so if there's any other info I should include just let me know and try to laymen it a little for me.

the specs
Mobo- Asus Striker Extreme
CPU- Core2Quad 6700
RAM- DDR2 (Corsair Dominator)
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Hi Grigs and welcome to TSF. Have you checked your RAM for signs of dmage and tested them one at a time? If not I'd remove all but one chip and test them one at a time.
Do as mcorton says, but also, what's the PSU brand and wattage?

You've actually done quite well troubleshooting your system. It's looking like a bad PSU. The fact that the wattages were normal when you tested the PSU doesn't necessarily mean much. Wattages can read normally even when a PSU isn't functioning properly, because the wattage can be quite erratic.

But before we conclude your PSU is bad I'd like to see the memory test performed. Make sure everything is seated correctly in it's socket as well. That includes memory and video, as a system might well not boot if these aren't secure in their sockets.
A tip in regards of the above advise.

When you do test the RAM, use the DIMM slot furthest away from the CPU first. Move on to the next stick and so on. Then go to the next DIMM slot etc.
No visible signs of damage on RAM I basically checked everything for damage after pulling apart including detailed attention to GPU and RAM.

My PSU is a 1200watts Thermaltake

Epshatto, I see what you are saying about the PSU. I had to explain a similar concept to somebody who saw my computer was getting power and that the PSU was running on its own after I disconnected everything and didnt think it need any further investigating. However the fact that my PSU had to run for about ten mins for me to do the test and was not erratic, makes me think that an erratic voltage in the system is at least in part to be blame on one of the other components.

In anycase I cant do any test atm but I will soon as get home from work tomorrow morning.

Any chance a Dell dimension with Pentium 4 would have a compatible PSU or DDR2 RAM, I might be able to pull one apart?
I too belive its the psu and I'm afraid the dell psu won't be good enough to be conclusive
see if you can barrow a quality name brang 650w or better to test with
I'm also leaning toward the PSU. Do youhave or can you borrow a good quality 550W minimum to try? You could also try your GPU in another PC or try another GPU in your PC.
Need to clean up my mess here...

Reverse my blooper in post #4 please. You should start populating DIMMS closest to the CPU first.

Sometimes I'm so broke, I can't even afford to pay attention...
Did the RAM test, nothing.

So I dont have a spare PSU I can use. Dont really have a computer to work with atm either maybe in couple days. Im gona try to get this settled in the next couple hours though.

Whats are decent brands for PSU?

Would a POST card work for this?
A POST card will not help testing the PSU. It might display an error code for the PCIe slot you have the GPU in however.
I know this thread has been dead for about a week, but I just want to add conclusion. I changed out the Mobo and found everything to run fine, so Ive ordered a new one.

Thanks for all the input. You guys are great.
Glad you found the problem. Please post back an let us know how it went when you get the new Mobo installed.
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