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Need help to setup 3 monitor configeration

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I just need some general help and guidance with a certain type of setup.

I am currently using my PC linked up to my 26" LCD screen - but I need to change this as being so close to it is not good on the old eyes!

What I would like to do is, mount the 26" LCD screen on the wall to play DVD's and TV and then also have a seperate double 19" LCD setup on my desk for general computer work - etc web designing etc. I would like to use my PC to control all three monitors.

I currently have one 128MB PCI-Express ATI Generic graphics card. So presumably I would need to get another one which would satisfy the double 19" desktop setup.

Can I then add a third Graphics gard for the 26" LCD or would I need to get a DVI spliter or something seeing as I only have 2 PCI-Express slots? Or should I get a card with dual DVI outputs?

Also, when considering TV output - Should I buy a TV input card and would I then be able to route this TV In back out to the other monitors.

I am not very good at trying to think about the bigger picture here (can you tell?), so if there is anyone that can help me work out a good solution before I start buying the equipment, I would be very very grateful.

Many thanks,

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A basic PCI card will do just fine to control your third display. If you can, you could toss in another PCI-Express card with dual outputs, that'd allow up to 4 displays.
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