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Well here is the situation. I'm dealing with a system that was configured for RAID 10. Onboard Promise PDC20319 S150 TX4 controller and 4 matching 200g drives. Drives 1 and 2 are no longer seeing themselves as part of the array. To make matters worse disk 4 was used for something else and is missing. I have a replacement of the same drive type/model.
I was able to get the information below from disk 3 using the Promise windows utility 'Local PAM'.

Name: PROMISE Array 1
RAID Level: 10 (Mirror + Stripe)
Block size: 64kb
Status: offline
Array size: 399.999gb

Okay, so a new disk 4 has been added and the disks are in the correct order in the origonal machine and my thinking is to add disks 1 and 2 to the array as members then rebuld to restore the new disk 4.
Local PAM of Fastbuild won't let me do this.
Anyone know of a way I can do this?
I have another machine with enough controllers to manage that config if it's possible to do a rebuild there also (ICH8).


2nd Question -
I have a software solution to image drives and rebuild virtually (Active File Recovery) but it doesn't support this RAID config at any product level. Can anyone recommend a product that does? Best case scenario would definitely be to do the above without changing the actual drives.

Thanks much!
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