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Hi there -

I just upgrade my motherboard and everything has gone rather smoothly, but I cannot boot up on one of my previous two Win2K installs.

Previously -

Install #1 booted from a bootable PATA drive
Install #2 launched from the boot menu on a non-bootable SATA drive

Install #2 was/is my primary install and the one I can no longer boot onto.

Current -

Install #1 was moved over to a bootable SATA2 drive which is what the machine currently boots from
Install #2 is no longer accessible from the boot menu, but everything is readable and in tact - it appears it is simply mapped differently

I want to either convert the second drive into a bootable drive, if there is a way to do so - or find a way to have that install added to my boot menu as it previously was configured.

I've spent tons of time on this and I'm still coming up empty.

Thanks for your help.

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