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Need help, please.

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So I'm having an aggravating problem with installing Invisionboard on my website. I asked at another forum and they told me this: to remove a slash mark or add one at the end of the directory. So I tried doing this and this. But it still wouldn't install.

I'm getting an error and I'm still not sure why. What is the problem here, and how can I fix it? :(
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Notice in the warning: db main require... the wr has two // following it.
Ok, but how do I fix that? I don't see two // anywhere... This problem is probably very easy to fix, but it's confusing me. @[email protected]
It's adding the second / on it's own, you must post your install directory WITHOUT the trailing / I know you have tried this, but what happened when you did, can you post the error msg you got then?

I'm sure it's the same error. :/ *bashes computer* But, this is what I get after getting rid of the slash mark.
yea it's a problem with the installer. That is very strange that it would not change the error message. (yes, it is basically the same thing).
One thing that i can suggest, is on that directory (the one with the 2 /), place a / in the directory name, if possible, and see if that works? (do NOT include the / in the installer when you install)...

the directory named "wr" see if you can change it to "wr/" in an ftp editor or something?
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