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need help picking a mobo

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Computer Hardware

this is what i have and i need a motherboard
and a case,

i am hoping that someone can point out some motherboards

Power Supply: Compaq PS2013 200W

CPU: Pent III 933/256/133/165V S1

RAM: (choices available)

Kingston KV R800X18-16/256 487455 CE (or) Crucial CT16M64S4D10.16T66 (with dummy card)

Hard Drive: Maxtor 51023H2 (20G) with OS (Win98) installed

CD-RW: Gateway #5501833 (CD8080B)

Floppy drive: (I have several laying around)

Video Card: (/12 card style) ATI 3D RAGE PRO (P.N. 109-43200-10)

Monitor: Gateway EV-700 VGA

Voice/Fax Modem: Zoom V-90 56K

Sound/Game cards: (I have a couple SoundBlaster cards laying around)

Keylock: Radio Shack OTC switch for auto alarms

What I’m wanting is a smaller tower case so I can move it easier, a lock to prevent unauthorized use, use my hardware and OS (Win98). I’ll need a few expansion bays for cards and hardware, 4-6 USB ports, some serial ports and a printer port. The computer will be mostly for playing Win98 compatible games, email and limited internet use
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I hope this is all the info that is needed,
if not please let me know what to add
Well for starters your compaq PSU isnt gonna work unless you have a compaq modified motherboard / YUCK
I would suggest looking on ebay for an ASUS P3V4X mobo

like this one / excellent board VERY stable

Power supply

case and power supply combo like this one

your other hardware should work no problem / either ram should work as long as you have 512 ram


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will that power supply that is already in that case
be ok for what i am running?
it should be ok for what your runing....

but if you see problems while using it.. such as random restarts, computer slower than usual, then you should upgrade your psu... 300w will do you more than good.
how about the option that the person holding the auction
has given , he said he would throw in the 250 watt psu
at no extra charge, is that a decent psu?
i would assume that would be plenty
also , that motherboard should fit that case, right?
also i have done some searching but i could'nt find
that board running a couple more usbs

i really appreciate the help guys thanks
I was told that the asus mentioned above would not fit in a micro
atx case , is that true??
i thought that the micro was the overall size of the case
and that the atx was the motherboards that would fit,
am I wrong?
I am going to order the mobo and case mentioned above
and i guess i will keep my fingers crossed
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