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Need Help Opening Websites

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Hi Everyone,

First of all, thank you folks for providing us with such a great forum. Anytime I lose hope in mankind, seeing these forums and all the helpful folks restore my faith !

Now to my problem: I cannot open about 50 percent of the web sites on the Internet. I am using Windows 98SE, and IE6.0 browser. When I get to many web sites, the message says, "The Page Cannot Be Displayed." The websites I am trying to reach are general websites such as Microsoft, Netscape, Cnet, HP, Yahoo, etc. and are not restricted. I cannot even open my e-mail at Yahoo !!!

Here are some of the things I have done without any success:
1-Upgraded from IE5.5 to IE6.0
2- Switched to Netscape browser
3- Increased memory capacity for the Temporary Internet files
4-Checked DNS numbers under TCP/IP
5-Added Client for Microsoft Network
6- Tried different ISP phone number
7-Checked my phone line
8- My friends do not have any problem opening those sites
9- My ISP tech support has not been able to solve the problem
10- Those sites administrators say their sites are working fine
11- I should have added to my list of things I have tried without success the following:
- I have set my browser to accept ALL cookies
- I have set the security and privacy to the lowest level.
- I have set my browser to practically accept everything !

So, I do not think the browser is the problem. I have tried
Netscape and two other browsers. Still, many sites says,
"The Page Cannot Be Displayed."

So, here I am at the end of the road and no solution in sight. Still cannot open many of the internet sites. So, please HELP !!!

- Jaymes -
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Do you pay for you internet access or do you parents. If you are a kid (sorry if you are not) then they may have put parental controls on the pages. But that is just a thought. Can you give us some of the websites you are trying to access.
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