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Hi. I guess I need a bit of hand holding.

I bought a surplused pc and was told it was flattened and I would need to also purchase an OS for it, which I did. So now I'm sitting here with a Dell P4, GX260 and a licensed copy of Win XP OS.

When I turn on the pc it takes me right to a dos C: prompt. When I tried booting up with the OS disk in the CD-Reader, I get the same result.

I tried changing drives, A: is the floppy drive according to the System Setup screen, and B: gave me the following message (even with the CD in it) so I'm not sure if its the CD-Reader or not: "Insert diskette for drive B: and press any key when ready". After hitting enter I get the "Abort, Retry, Fail" message.

The System Setup tells me my Primary Drive 0 = Hard Drive and the Secondary Drive 0 = CD-ROM Reader.

I would appreciate someone telling me where to go from here. Step by step. As a programer I thought I was pretty computer literate, but have been spoiled the last 5 years, buying systems all pre-loaded.

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