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Need help installing Apache

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I just got Apache 2.0 but I have no idea what I need to enter or install and where.

What is admin's email for, and
What is the difference between Install on local or Install on network?

How do I configure this thing?
This looks a lot harder than the one I used from AnalogX
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Are you on a windows box? If so, I highly recommend Apache2triad thanks dd for alerting me to this

It's a single executable file which comes with Apache, PHP, MYSQL and an ftp server. It automatically installs and configures, then all you need to do is forward the correct ports.

If you insist on using the regular Apache, the admin's email is your email, so that when you go to a page that's not listed and they provide a link to mail the administrator (you) that email shows up.
I have my server on Windows 98se, but I do have a few computers with XP home SP2

btw, I clicked that link and it couldn't be found
oops it's supposed to be .net not .com it works on 98se (I know from experience), but it probably works better on 2000 and up.
ok, I got that installed, but I'm having a hard time getting it configured.

What do I have to do to get it up and running?
go to it should prompt for username and password, if you didn't set the username it defaults to "root" and the password is set by you during installation.
Michelangelo said:
ok, I got that installed, but I'm having a hard time getting it configured.

What do I have to do to get it up and running?
For any more obvious problems you will come across, remember:

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Hi Michelangelo,

To get it configured, you will have to edit the httpd.txt file. If you need help configuring it to co operate with extra programs such as MySQL, PHP or your domain. I am more than willing to help you :smile:

Have a fun and computing day,
Grove :cool: :smile:
There is almost no configuration required...apache2triad comes pre-configured. It has a nifty little control panel accessible via the web if you know the root username/password.

The httpd.conf (not txt) is configured to automatically connect and listen on port 80.
I have a few questions.

How do I change the default webroot? or does it have to be htdocs?

On the FTPd, what would I put for "mount", "deny", and "allow" if I wanted to give a new user access to only one folder? example:'s folder)/ect...

and... Is there a 404 page I can edit?

Added with edit:
and... Do I have to change any setting to get it online? Like I.P. or anything like that?
1: webroot is changed at installation, if you want to change it without reinstalling you'll need to edit your httpd.conf

2: mount = directory (e.g. c:\apache2triad\htdocs\user's folder\ect)
as for the deny/allow I'm not sure exactly. If you "allow all" they can upload and download freely...and I'm assuming "deny all" would deny all...maybe you could do "allow read"

3: http://localhost/apache2triadcp click on the seperate items to change the configuration files.

edit 4: no, they should be set automatically, assuming your want it to run on port 80. You may have to start the server manually depending on how it got setup. My 98 box wouldn't automatically start it, I had to start it manually.
ok thanks, but... I don't see a 404 page anywhere.

Do you know if it can be editted?
oh...I don't know. I'm sure there is somewhere, I just don't know where.
It was working on my laptop, but when I tried to install it on my other computer (Compaq Presario 7595 Windows 98) it had errors while installing. Like "Command Invaild" or something like that.

I used the more stable one too (1.4.3)

The one that is on my laptop is 1.5.3, so I'll try that one and see if it works.

but Do you know if there is a problem with it on 98? or was I just unlucky?
ok, I thought I'd use my laptop to host the site while I get the other one set up, but now my laptop isn't working through the net. It works fine on localhost, but when I goto it doesn't load anything.

I set port forwarding, so that can't be why.

What do I need to do?
Do you know if there is a problem with it on 98? or was I just unlucky?
I think it's a problem with 98...apache will run regardless, it's just a little buggy - the mysqladmin lags real bad, and you have to manually start the server after a restart.

2)it's working for me so it's probably been fixed already.
The only reason why it is working is because I switched back to AnalogX Simple Server:WWW

Apache2Triad doesn't seem to work at all on my 98
It gets errors while installing.
Command User unknown
Setting password.... Bad command or file name
And then it won't even load the CP

On my XP, it seems to work localy, but not online.
ok, The so called "Stable" version, wasn't so stable.

I installed 1.5.3 on my 98, and it seems to be working now. BUT!

I still have the "local only" problem with the laptop one.
I could try reinstalling it, be right back.
ok, I know why, but I don't know how.

I have 2 problems left.

1) My XP built-in firewall is blocking the server, and yet I checked the firewall and it "says" it allows Apache Fixed problem one by editting the advanced settings.

2) My cgirdir.exe seems to want to download instead of working like it should.


3) Can this use .htaccess? Cause I heard you need something called mod_rewrite

4) I try to rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess but the computer keeps asking me to give it a file name. :cry:
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