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Need help finding a good hard drive cloning software ? please help ??

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I installed operating system in my new custom built computer, installed all the drivers, entered the product key and installed all necessary software I needed. Could anybody please tell me how I can clone my hard drive at this point so that in case of hard drive crash or virus infection I can restore my system to this point? I am really tired of using system restore option because most of the infection system restores capability. Which software do you guys think would help me do this.

Can I clone my hard drive at this point in another partition just like system recovery to factory default settings in most branded computers like HP, Toshiba etc? Do we have any software available which can do cloning for me?

Please suggest me any good software you have tried, must be fast. I don’t care about software cost at this point just need a reliable and fast one.

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Thanks pip22 for your suggestion. I am running a computer repair store so i need to do regular backup of my client's data in case of re installation or hard drive crash. I was checking Active Disk Image. Its good for personal or small corporate use but do you think it will work out for computer repair business too. if any other software which can solve my purpose.

Just like pre built system recovery backup in all branded PC like toshiba, HP or Acer. I want to install a system recovery backup in all custom built computer i am making for my clients so that they have option to use this feature in case of any virus attack or anything like that.

u can either clone the system disk, or backup the system, both of which are all good options to keep u from system crash.
if u clone the disk u need another disk to store it.
if u backup the system, u can just preserve the image to a save place, and when the system crashes, just recover the image.
here's a tutorial about how to one-click backup system.
good luck.
R-Drive Image from R-TT is also worth considering. You may read how to use it for disk cloning / mass system deployment in the article Disk Cloning and Mass System Deployment. You may also try this software for free for a 15-days test-drive period.
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