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Need help desperately! Problems formatting hard drive!

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Hello im hoping somebody can help me.

I am trying to format a laptop so that I can put a clean version of windows XP Pro on it. I first tried to format it through a boot up dos but it got to 71% and decided not go any further. I then went though the win XP boot up on the cd and deleted the old partition and created a new one. One again I tried to format this partition (NTFS) but again it stopped at the magic 71%. How frustrating!

So now I can’t load any operating system and I have a hard drive which doesn’t seem to want to be formatted!

Any suggestions as to why? Or how to fix it?

Please help me! It’s not even my computer eeekkk… it’s my best friend (or perhaps soon to be worst enemy!)

If you need to know any other details please contact me! On here or via e-mail


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Go to the HD manufacturers website. Download the Low level format utility. Copy it to a floppy and boot. Do the LLF. Should fix it unless there is a physical damage.
This laptop does not have a floppy drive. Can i put it on CD?

I found out the hard drive was Hitachi. But i couldnt find what i needed
there are many options of utilities, repairs here
cd? should work.
Im sorry to be a pain in the ***.... this is what i have done.

I went to that site you gave me and downloaded the following;

Drive Fitness Test (v4.05)
Download a CD image (2,714 KB) - create a bootable CD* for Linux, Windows and other Operating Systems

I then noticed it was an iso file so i extracted it... then wrote what i had extracted to CD.

I tried to boot this up on the laptop but it dident work :S

It should be booting from CD because i have booted other CD's on here.

So im stuck now lol
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sounds like a dilemma brewing / hopefully you just have a botched partition table or something similar that needs to be cleared out ??? I like Scott's approach better with the low level format but seeing as how you are having trouble getting it started with a cd / we can try another approach

download Dban / its a drive eraser ~ cleaner >> it will make the drive just as vacant as the day it was new !! no files will remain that may be causing your problem ??


Thanks for both of your suggestions guys.

I have tried both methods but i cant seem to get the programs to boot up from the disks i am writing :S

They download as iso files which i have extracted and then written to CD.

Is this how you make a boot disk? Maybee im doing somthing wrong.... im not sure.
have you changed the bootdevice order in your bios to cdrom first? just a thought...
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