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need help deleting C:\MTM\MTMCDAI.386

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Hi Gang:
I am a newbie and need help deleting the following file(s):
C:\mtm\mtmcdai.386 :confused:

I have an older HP Pentium 300 mz computer, which had an older CD-Rom drive on it. I am currently running windows 98, and was successful in installing a newer Teac CD-ROM drive. But I always get the error message "cannot find device for your driver at: C:\mtm\mtmcdai.386" in the beginning of the boot up. It also informs me to go to the system.ini and edit the file.
I went to the device manager and the only CD-Rom is the new Teac CD-Rom I just installed.
When I run my "editsys" 5 windows appears autoexec.bat, system.ini, config.sys win.ini, protocol.ini , none of them make any reference to the C:\mtm\mtmcdai.386 or the rem CD-Rom.
I ran find the file at the start taskbar, but the computer was unable to find the folder mtm or mtmcdai.386 Where is this file hidden at? and how do I delete it?

Thanks for all of your help. You are a great support group.
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click START, RUN
click EDIT, FIND
type mtmcdai.386
click FIND NEXT, then delete entrys with mtmcdai.386
one word of caution, be careful when you modifying registry, if you delete the wrong thing, you can be in world of trouble.
Vmail and Merlin:
Thanks for your advice. I will take caution. But here is the situation:

Vmail: I followed your instructions and found:

2---mtmcdai.386 files (deleted them)
1---mtm file (deleted it also)

Restarted the computer and the same error comes up, still referring to missing device file and errors.
"your registry or system.ini cannot find a device file"
press any key to continue.

I then press any key to continue, and computer seems OK and running fine. But the error still bugs me.

Also found in the regedit at the same time, the following in other files or folder
Virus Alert

I got attacked by a Klez virus about 1 year ago, and I was able to use a virus removal tool.

Thanks for your support and advice.

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1. use norton 2003 to remove the virus
2. re install the sw that uses mtmcdai.386, then uninstall it
3. create a dummy file called C:\mtm\mtmcdai.386
4. if the above fails then delete windows folder, and reinstall

if ur sure that Klez is a virus then remove that from the registry
Thanks Vmail,

This forum is the greatest, it has saved me countless hours and $$$.
Is it fixed?
I usually spend days to fix summut
Vmail: It is fixed

I did not have to reinstall the sw
Your instructions for the regedit did the trick perfectly.
Thank you
Have you tried to disable the startup programs rather than risking to edit the regedit? If it works why dont you need to edit regedit.:angel:
modifying startup prg will not solve the prob as 386 files load up before windows
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