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Need help consurning Graphic card

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Hello everyone there ,

today im gonna change my graphic card to a new one , mine is Nvidia GeForce 9600 GSO , so i went to the shop and asked for one and i have been told that the GeForce G210 1Gb is better than mine and i should buy it and it's cheap. i asked in other forum about what is the best and good price they told me that 9800GT and of course better than mine but lower that this one its the GT240 or GT430 and another one told me that the best GC for gaming and price is GeForce GT 440 so im kinda confused right now

i want to know what you think guys and i want to let you know that what i do with pc is like only gaming xD i mean i spent most of the time playing new video games such as Splinter cell Conviction , GTA IV , Call of duty black ops so i need a good graphic card for video games

i live in Tunisia so there is no many choice and my budget is max 100 $ ( the 9800GT here is for 100 $

Please guys help me as soon as possible cuz right now i can't play games cuz my GC crashed
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First off, when posting on a forum, the use of large colored text is not a good idea. Just use a normal font, with a normal black color.

None of those cards are going to be good for gaming. If you have to pick one of those the GT440. The ATI 5670 would be a better choice.

For any upgrade you need to be sure your power supply can handle it.
Ok thank you man , and i'am really sorry about writing with that color , i just like it :)
anyway i really apreciate your help and i asked my neighbor and he told me that ATI DDR2 512 is very good choice (didnt told me what exact reference it has )( i guess the one that you are talking about ) cuz it's 512 and with my RAM ( 3Gb ) it will reach the 2gb :D
this is my configuration

Thank you very much for you help and im sorry again
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thank you again Sir ,
what my neighbor was talking about is an ATI Radeon HD 3450 512Mb up to 1Gb , he recommend it for me because i always play games and he said that it can reach 2Gb with my pc's references and even the vendor recommended that to me so i order it and it will be in my pc monday maybe
so was that a good choice ?
Hello again , i just realised how big is the fault of bying ATI Radeon HD 3450 512Mb
and when i searched on net , i found that best for gaming is ATI HD 4650 or even better 4670 , so im gonna try to buy it
i hope that this will be the last choice because i really got confused
so can you please tell me is this a good choice ?
The 4670 is equal to or better than the 9600 you currently have. It wouldn't be that much of an upgrade but it would be slightly better than the 9600 in most games.
Thank you very much sir but i have some problems , the vendor told me that it can't be placed in my pc because it don't much the slot or something , so please can you tell me is that true or can you choose one from this GT 240 or GT 430 that much with my pc and this is the exact info :
Dell Vostro 200 Ref code : 37789960483

Refurbished Vostro 200 Mini Tower | Dell

and the vendor said that he can try to fix my GSO 9600 so what is the best choice ?
to fix my old GC or to buy new want better than it and fit in my pc ?

Thank you very much , you are very helpful :)
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last thing , i found these 2 GC's and i want your advice to which one is better :
1- ATI Radeon HD 5450 PCI Express 2Gb DDR3 64 Bit Duel Link DVI-1 x1 /HDMI/VGA

NVIDIA GeForce GT-430 PCI Express 2Gb BOX DDR2

Personally , i think the first one is better but i want you to advice me and it will be my last think and im gonna buy it

Thank you very much
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You machine has a PCI-express x16 slot which is what those video cards require. I'm not sure what the vendor is referring to. On the Dell PC, the power supply is usually 300W so you can't use a card that requires more without changing the power supply.

The GT240 and GT430 are close in performance. Some games one is faster and some games the other is. Both only perform well at lower resolutions.

At a low resolution, a card with 2GB of video memory is a waste, you won't need more than 512MB - 1GB.
so i guess for hardcore gaming , HD 5450 is better than GT 430 ? because i saw many videos on youtube running good new games on HD 5450 and not many videos about the GT 430
thank you very much sir for your help and i will try to find what is the best ,
i think i should have HD 5570 orHD 4830 or 9800 GT as a gaming card :)
Thank you again
Those would be fine cards but your power supply may not support cards like that. You would probably have to upgrade the power supply first.
i will take my pc to a specialist and i will ask him if my power supply support these cards or no
thank you very much
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