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Need help choosing PSU for new build.

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Hi guys. :wave:

I'm in the process of designing a new computer for a friend. I think I pretty much have everything nailed down except the power supply (although if I've overlooked anything in the rest of the build, go ahead and let me know!).


Case: ~80

Power Supply: ~120

Optical Drive: ~35

Hard Drive: ~90

Video Card: ~135

Processor: ~180

Motherboard: ~190

RAM: ~125

The ASUS P5B Deluxe has an 8-pin CPU connector that comes with a plastic cap covering four of the pins, imlpying that it readily accepts a 4-pin connector. From what I can find online, users seem to do fine with only a 4-pin connector. I can't find any ASUS documentation on the issue. The PSU I've selected above only has a 4-pin, should I look for something with an 8-pin instead? Do you guys think it is overkill for the planned rig? I welcome any alternative recommendations--especially more affordable ones.
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this is one of my favorite power supplies for the price at the moment

Of the three mentioned, I like both the Silverstone and Seasonic over the Enermax. Both are top-of-the-line power supplies. I am presently running a Seasonic 600 in my rig...and, what a supply that one is. However, have had some of the Silverstone come through here and they are equally a great supply. I really can't say anything bad about the Enermax, another great power supply manufacturer. However, that would be my third choice of the three.
Thanks for the quick reply guys! But... those are both quad-rail PSU's. I thought that it was still a bad idea to go multi-rail, especially if you plan on overclocking? I've also read a bunch of stuff like people having their multi-rail PSU's crap out on them after adding new drives or components while still well below the PSU's power ratings; also heard that multi-rail PSU's were having problems with Crossfire and somtimes SLI. The reason I had chosen the Enermax was because it offered 36A on a single 12V.

Have I been reading garbage? Is 4-rail the way to go now? (and why?)
a good psu is a good psu, no matter if it's a single or multiple rail, but simply having more rails doesn't necessarily mean a better psu.
From what i have read it really depends on the way the power supply is setup internally. A good power supply will balance the amps across all the rails as needed. Also with the sli setup PSU's the two PCI-E connectors are set on different rails ( or should be ) this increases the amount of amps available to each card if needed.

Also a single rail PSU of large amps has to be constructed of better quality material to safely handle the extra amps. i think the PSU guidlines state that the max a rail should output is 22A so that was one of the reasons rails were split
Thanks for all the great info man!

as stated by all my colleagues: Seasonic or Siverstone I like both but I prefer the Seasonic

The enermax unit you have picked out is not impressing me, and I would not buy it for that price for two big reasons (by the way: I like, respect & own multiple enermax units; but this particular unit is out of its class for the money!)

the unit you picked is 70% efficiency & NO PFC

for a PSU in the slightly over $100.00 mark you should get 85% efficiency and ACTIVE PFC

have a peek at the Antec 650watt triple rail (its built by seasonic really) for $108.00 after rebate now thats a high class unit

also dont overlook the OCZ Gamerstream 600 watt units they are also higher efficiency and active PFC

The Silverstone by Black duck is a high quality unit

the Seasonic 600 watt (bought three of them sooo far ) are the quietest units I have sold to date!
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I'm with PanamaGal here, totally. That Seasonic at 88% eff. and 100% review ratings with its stable amperage is nice!

I also saw these that maybe of interest to you:
OCZ 700W $130 (the 600W an be bought for ~$108)
Antec TruePower Trio 650W $112
FSP Group 550W $112, $98 and here for $93

CoolerMaster iGreen 600W $123 or $115 and I even found it for $103

Maybe this Mushkin 550W $80, Coolmax 650W $119, Hiper 670W $130..

And if in the 500W zone, the Tagan and OCZ PowerStream 520W $110 seem like a good choice.

Don't know but I'm sure others will glance, review and leave you feedback on them :grin:
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the OCZ 600 watt is a very nice psu. i use it and cant even here it, with watercooling! would get it or its older brother (700 watt) any day
Enermax Liberty 500 or higher. I just read a review on it, and it has split 12V rails for MB, Video Card, and CPU. Which provides best stability. Or if you have some money, and you want the best... look into PC Power and Cooling. They have the best PSUs on the market, none to which I can afford.

that is a damn good PSU. check it out.
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