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Need Driver for CD/DVD Drive

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Hi, I noticed today that my laptop isn't detecting my CD/DVD Drive. The only thing I can imagine causing this is the upgrade to Windows Service Pack 2 I made a few days ago.

I've checked in Device Manager and the drive isn't listed at all.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I have a feeling I need new drivers.

The laptop is a Packard Bell Easynote.

Help would be greatly appreciated,
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It says Secondary IDE is disabled.
thats why you cannot see it in windows enable it
How exactly do I do that? It doesn't give me the option to in BIOS.
click on it and a box should popup with enable,disable in it
highlight enable and press enter then save and exit the bios
You can't click on something in BIOS, it doesn't let you.
I have no idea what that means lol, I'm not really an expert with computers.
Ok...that looks scary.

Is there an alternative that doesn't involve taking my laptop apart?
don't deal with laptops but would think there would be a small cover on the bottom to remove to access the cmos battery
You have to navigate to the settings and press a key like Enter and then change it to enable. If disable is there enable will appear up too.
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